Performers Biography

Kristin Cligan Flamenco Luz Dancer: Kristin Clingan-Roy

Kristin has been studying flamenco baile and cante under Rubina Carmona for over 10 years, and has been a member of La Peña Flamenca de Seattle since 2000. She is inspired by the complex rhythms and the soulful aspects that flamenco offers.

She has also had the opportunity to study with La Tania, Maria Bermudez, La Monica, and Oscar Nieto and continues to collaborate with her husband Steve Roy, fusing flamenco rhythms with traditional Celtic music.


Kristin Cligan Flamenco Luz Singer: Nadia Plascencia

Native from Tamaulipas, Mexico, she grew to love music at an early age, specifically Flamenco, Mexican folkloric music and Boleros. Keeping in touch with the old folklore of Spanish and Mexican music gives her an opportunity to keep the cultural traditions of her ancestors alive and share it with future generations.


Seema Bahl
Flamenco Luz Singer: Seema Bahl

Seema sings with Flamenco Luz as well as providing voice accompaniment to established dancers Marisela Fleites-Lear and Maria Gitana in the Seattle area. She has performed several times and looks forward to growing with the great art of flamenco cante. Before starting flamenco singing, Seema studied flamenco dance in New York and Spain and was fascinated by the history and cultural traditions of the Spanish Gypsies.

In her younger years, Seema had vocal training in Indian classical music. She has drawn upon this training and upon her love for the beauty and intensity of flamenco to inspire her passion for flamenco cante.


John Bussoletti

Flamenco Luz Guitarrist: John Bussoletti

John has been playing flamenco guitar, accompanying flamenco dance
classes and performing in the Northwest for morethan thirty years, accompanying dance classes and workshops for more than dozen artists. He was a member of the dance
company Peña Flamenca de Seattle for
over fifteen years.

He continues to work collaboratively with a variety of artists and is one of the founding members of Flamenco 'Luz. He has studied
with many guitarists, including the late
Pedro Bacán.

While he has had ample theatrical
experience, he greatly enjoys playing in the
more informal settings of juerga flamenco.
Having experienced the sense of the
whole being greater than the sum of its parts,
his inspiration lies in the accompaniment
aspects of flamenco, whether it be baile,
cante or the combination.


Seema Bahl
Flamenco Luz Guitarist:
Pawel Szuszkiewicz

Native of Warsaw, Poland, he has been playing guitar in bands since the age of eighteen. He learned to play primarily by listening to British blues and rock guitarists. He has performed, on electric and classical guitars. He is inspired by the world fusion and classical music.

Through his love of performing, he hopes his music will enrich people's lives.